Air Conditioning Repair

The hot, humid Covington, LA, summers can take a toll on your air conditioning system. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly and effectively, it's recommended you have your air conditioning unit regularly checked by a certified HVAC technician. With DoneRite HVAC's annual maintenance services, you can extend the life of your air conditioner by years.

Air conditioners are designed to operate under extreme conditions. However, even the most reliable air conditioning units can break down. However, you can prevent breakdowns with a maintenance check and be alert to the following indicators of air conditioning problems.

If you hear your air conditioning unit short cycling or making loud noises, you may need repair. When an air conditioner doesn't run long enough to complete an entire cycle, it is short cycling, which wastes energy and may lead to comfort problems and higher utility bills. The excessively loud or unnerving racket may signal a problem that requires professional attention. Call the experts at DoneRite, who can diagnose your air conditioning repair issues on the spot.

Another indication of air conditioning repair is pooled water around the indoor or outdoor unit. This may be a sign that the air conditioner isn't running properly. Having a professional air conditioning repair technician look at your air conditioning unit can help you avoid further damage to your home.

Unusual odors or funny smells coming from the air ducts or your air conditioning unit could mean you need a cleaning. An air conditioning repair technician will know for sure.

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If your air conditioning unit is not pumping out cold air, has excessive humidity, or has insufficient airflow, you'll need an air conditioning repair expert to diagnose the issue.

Don't let an inefficient air conditioning unit make you or your wallet uncomfortable this summer. If you live or own a business in the Covington, LA area, contact DoneRite HVAC for quality air conditioning repairs and installations.